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      "But, Bergan, you are a goose!" he broke out.

      "He knows that he is doomed to lose her," thought Hulbert; "knows it, and yet tries to hope. I never saw such intense, unquestioning love. One asks one's self involuntarily about any womanIs she worth it?"

      "With all due respect for my brother Harry," returned her husband, coolly, "I don't consider his testimony, in this matter, to be worth much. Intemperance is, in his estimation, so very venial a sin,not to say, so very Berganly a virtue,that he would be sure to extenuate it, if he could."

      Miss Ferrars looked both pleased and puzzled. "It is very good of you to say so," she answered, simpering;"but really, I can't think what you allude to."

      And then the parson and the doctor had told Mr. Crowther[Pg 168] that he could not close his wood against the public; an all-sufficient reason why he should make the attempt."Grey! A dowager's colour, a soured spinster's coloura Quaker's no colour. I detest grey."


      "Who says he made it?" demanded the opposing counsel, sharply.



      He looked up at her slyly, as she sat in an exquisitely graceful attitude, her brown hands folded loosely in her lap, her head slightly thrown back as she looked up at the moonlit sky.